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Original oil and acrylic paintings

Mobile Art Gallery & Consultation

John Mortenson & April MacQueen (Lafferty) now offer you the opportunity to buy original art in your own home setting. It takes the guess work out of whether or not a painting will fit in the space you have. Simply chose whatever paintings interest you from the website and we will bring them for your perusal.

Think about commissioning an original piece of art. This allows you to choose a subject that has a special meaning for you and your family whether it is  a landscape, pet, or person or just something that fits your decor.

Think about having a art evening in your home with a few of your friends that are also interested in purchasing or commissioning original art. We will bring a selection of art and provide classical music played on quitar by John. Along with his talents as a painter he was a classical quitarist for a number of years.

If you or a few friends would like art lessons John is now available to accept students.

If you are a business and would like to have some art work for your office contact us about  buying, renting art or rent to own possiblities. Good art is always a good investment.

If you work from home (have an office space) or own your own business then your office environment has to be attractive. This includes business and workplace locations. Artwork is a wonderful addition to any space and a art purchase can ease your Tax bill. An office is an environment that legitimately rquires at least some sort of artwork on the premises. Beyond enhancing almost any type of decor, artwork can be a profitable investment.

You can ask your accountant to depreciate your art purchase as a legitimate tax deduction the same as the purchase of your office equipment, furniture and related items for your office or workplace. They are expenditures that qualify for a tax deduction. In some cases an art purchase can be considered a business expense or write off.



 contact us at 250-999-3641 or cell# 250-792-1823 or by email:


This service is only available in the Comox Valley and Campbell River at this time.