Jonal Fine Art Studio
Original oil and acrylic paintings


(posted on 12 Mar 2008)

In March of 2008 we were asked to build a lantern for the Lantern Festival held in Cumberland. We were sponsored by the B C Government and our lantern was one of about seven lanterns that were sponsored by different organizations. It was the first time the lanterns had been buit outside of Taiwan. Cumberland has a special connection with Taiwan and is the only community on Vancouver Island to host the Lantern Festival. We had a Taiwan lantern master come from Taiwan to show our group how to go about building a lantern. These are not ordinary lanterns as we found out after two weeks and many hours of assembling our lantern and getting lights attached under the materiel. It was a great experience and we were honoured to be able to take part.

Unfortunately due to lack of sponsorship this years lantern Festival had to be cancelled and if you want to see these incredible lanterns you will have to go to Vancouver. Please see our link to